Boats and RVs

They Truly Are A Way Of Life

Our family has owned boats and RVs for many years. We understand the unique needs that boat and RV owners are looking for when they decide to store one of their biggest investments. We have seen about everything you can imagine in boat and RV storage facilities, some good, some bad. For that reason, we have strived to design a facility that caters to your needs as a boat and RV owner. 

From start to finish, we tried to think of everything. We wanted you to feel safe and secure throughout the entire rental process. Because of Covid 19 recommendations, we began by finding the most advanced storage facility software on the market, so everything is at your fingertips and you can rent a unit any time of day or night without having to directly interact with another person. We are always available to assist you in person, but wanted that to be your option. Our software allows you to make automated payments every month so you never have to worry about sending a check or dropping off your payment. 

When you turn into our facility, you will be greeted by a 40 foot wide drive that gives you plenty of room to turn into our facility. You will then drive 70 feet off of Mingo Road before reaching our automated steel security gate to give you ample time and space to stop while you enter your unique gate code into our web based access panel. The panel and gate have battery backups so you should never have to worry about being locked in our out of the facility during one of Oklahoma's frequent storms (yes, been there, done that). 

Once inside the gate, you will find extra wide drives to make it easy for you to maneuver into your unit. All units provide at least 80 foot wide drives for ease of backing. Powerful LED lights illuminate the exterior of the facility. Bright yellow reflective barriers on each side of your oversized entry door help guide you safely into your stall. When you raise the door on your unit, an LED light inside your unit will automatically activate due to motion detection. Your unit will have a concrete floor with a light broom finish so you don't have to worry about slipping in water that may be dripping from your boat or RV. The side walls inside your unit extend all the way to the roof so you don't have to worry about your storage neighbors being able to see into your unit. 

All of this is happening while surveillance cameras monitor the entire facility that is surrounded by 8 foot secure fence for our peace of mind and yours. If you think of something we didn't, please let us know. Our goal is simple. Be the best boat and RV storage facility in Tulsa!